Return Policy

Buyer Cancellations and Returns

Updated April 26, 2023

The following data is excerpted (for your convenience) from our Terms of Service (the “Terms”). By accessing or using our websites, applications or services, you agree that you have read and unreservedly agree to be bound by the Terms. 

Unless specified otherwise by Seller (with notice given to Buyer through our platform), Sellers agree to abide by our standard cancellation and return policy for all Items:


Prior to shipping, Local Pickup, or Local Delivery, Buyers may be able to cancel an order. They are encouraged to notify Us within 24 hours of purchase if they would like to cancel an order, as prompt cancellation will reduce the likelihood that Buyers will incur shipping charges, out and back.

Once shipping has been initiated, the cancellation will be considered a return, and Buyer will be responsible for packaging and shipping the returned item, including both the outbound shipping costs and the costs to return the order to the seller.

For local pickup and delivery, Buyer or Buyer’s agent must reject the item at the time of pickup or delivery from the Seller. 

Cross-border orders cannot be cancelled once shipping has been initiated.


Buyers have an unconditional right to return an Item if it:

  • Does not arrive;
  • Is materially different than described; or
  • Is broken during transit (except where Buyer has arranged its own shipping).

Buyers have 48 hours after delivery to inspect their Item(s) and contact Us if they wish to return an Item. If Buyer is not satisfied with a purchase for any other reason, our return policy still applies, as follows: 

  • On approved returns, Buyer is responsible for the outbound and return shipping charges.
  • Each returned item must be received in original condition. We reserve the right to deduct from Buyer for any damage that may have occurred not related to transportation. 

All sales are final 48 hours after delivery.

Orders where Local Pickup or Seller Managed Local Delivery were selected: Upon inspection, If Buyer decides not to move forward with the purchase, Buyer or Buyer’s agent must refuse the item at the time of pickup/delivery from the Seller.  Once Buyer has taken possession of the item, all sales are final.

International, cross-border returns may require different processes depending on the countries between which the Item is shipping to/from, and the Buyer is responsible for duties (if applicable) on cross-border orders.  

We are committed to preventing the sale of counterfeit and inauthentic goods. However, Sellers are responsible in the first instance for ensuring the authenticity of all items Sellers provide to us. We are subject to laws and regulations relating to claims that items offered to us or on Curate are counterfeit, have been stolen, or otherwise violate applicable law. We take such reports seriously and will cooperate with law enforcement in all investigations.