1860s Louis XV Chairs Upholstered in Antique Indian Textiles

“I love these gorgeous, hot pink chairs. They are French, from about 1860, which is very much my happy place (1840 – 1860). What’s so cool is that they are a totally classic design. They are really capacious, they are a good sit, and they have been upholstered in this fabulous fabric that immediately brings them into the modern world.”


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Louis XV furniture refers to a style that emerged during the reign of King Louis XV of France, which spanned from 1715 to 1774. This period marked a shift away from the rigid and ornate designs of the preceding Baroque era. The Louis XV style embraced a more delicate and graceful aesthetic, characterized by curves, flowing lines, and a sense of lightness. It was influenced by the Rococo movement, which celebrated nature, asymmetry, and intricate detailing.

Louis XV chairs were typically crafted from high-quality materials (such as solid wood) and were often painted or gilded to highlight the intricate carvings. The seat and backrest were traditionally filled with horsehair, a material known for its resilience and durability. This choice of filling ensured a comfortable yet firm support for the sitter. The upholstery fabrics used on Louis XV chairs were often luxurious, with rich patterns and colors that complemented the overall design.

These chairs have been reupholstered in antique Indian textiles, adding an intriguing layer of cultural fusion. This kind of customization was not uncommon during the period, as aristocrats would often personalize their furniture with unique upholstery fabrics sourced from different parts of the world. The combination of the antique Louis XV frame and the Indian textiles creates a captivating blend of styles, showcasing the evolution of design influences over time.


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40 lbs


29.5 × 29 × 40 in


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Seat Height:

17.5 in