Art Deco Era Crystal Chandelier with Spear Points and Crystal Rosettes

“I have got to share this chandelier. I like it because it’s pretty! It’s from the 1920s, and I love that it has all the armature and the rosettes, but the crystals have sphere points, making them more angular and therefore more modern!”


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This early bronze-and-crystal chandelier with spear points features a combination of decorated arms and lighted arms, all adorned with large crystals. The base of the chandelier is made of solid bronze and is embellished with crystal rosettes throughout.

The spear-point decorated arms alternate with the lighted arms, enhancing a multi-tiered design and providing a visually striking appearance when the chandelier is illuminated: the light reflects and refracts through the crystals, creating a dazzling effect.

The use of large crystals further enhances the chandelier's aesthetic appeal, as they can catch and reflect light from various angles, producing a sparkling and radiant display. Crystal rosettes on the base add intricate detailing and further contribute to the overall opulent look of the chandelier.


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