Maison Jansen-Inspired Louis XIV Style Arm Chairs

“These little Louis XIV chairs are charming… I would put these chairs in the corners, or I would sprinkle them around the perimeter of the room to be pulled in when necessary.”


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Maison Jansen was a renowned French interior design and decorating firm that was founded in the late 19th century by Jean-Henri Jansen. The firm quickly gained international recognition for its luxurious and influential designs, becoming one of the most prominent and sought-after design houses of its time.

Maison Jansen was known for its eclectic style, blending various influences such as neoclassical, Louis XVI, Louis XV, and Empire styles. Their designs often featured rich ornamentation, exquisite craftsmanship, and a focus on opulence and elegance. The firm catered to an elite clientele, including royalty, aristocrats, and wealthy industrialists.

These armchairs are influenced by the Louis XIV style, which was prominent during the reign of Louis XIV of France (mid-17th to early 18th century). The Louis XIV style is characterized by grandeur, magnificence, and a sense of power. The chairs' distressed pegged frames indicate that they have been constructed using traditional joinery techniques, with wooden pegs instead of modern screws or nails.


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25 lbs


23 × 19 × 35 in


35 in


23 in


19 in

Seat Height:

15 in