Set of 11 Fornasetti Plates featuring Astrolabs

“Fornasetti dealt with classical themes, but super-modernized them, making them witty, making them whimsical. These plates are a perfect example of that. I myself have a collection of Fornasetti plates hanging in my kitchen. They’re all beautiful, they’re all different, and they are objects of great beauty.”


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Piero Fornasetti, an Italian artist and designer, was renowned for his passion for astronomy. This series – a  set of eleven Piero Fornasetti plates from the Astrolabes series – reflects his fascination with astrolabes, the intricate astronomical instruments used for measuring celestial bodies.

These plates bear the unmistakable stamp of the Fornasetti series mark, which is a testament to their authenticity and value.

The design of these plates is executed in a captivating combination of black, white, and brilliant gold. This color palette adds an elegant and timeless touch to the pieces, making them a perfect representation of mid-century Italian design. Fornasetti's masterful use of these colors creates a harmonious and visually striking composition on each plate.

The plates themselves serve as both functional objects and works of art. Fornasetti's attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in every aspect, from the intricate celestial motifs inspired by astrolabes to the meticulous execution of the gold accents. Each plate in the set is a unique piece that contributes to the overall aesthetic and story of the series.


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