Scottish Carpet Balls, set of 5

“I am always making fun of decorators, myself totally included, for doing tablescapes with big bowls filled with balls. They’re usually things like fake grass, or sometimes they’re dark wood, or they are marble balls. But what I think is so great about these balls is that they have this great pattern on them. They actually have a reason to exist!”


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These carpet balls come in four different colors: green, red, blue, and solid white. The set includes one white carpet ball that measures 3" in diameter, while the remaining five balls are all 4" in diameter. The smaller white ball adds a unique element to the set, distinguishing it from the others.

Carpet ball itself is a game to bocce ball, though it is typically played indoors in a hallway or on a carpeted surface. The objective of the game is to knock down the pins using a set of balls. Each player has their own set of balls, which are decorated in different colors and designs to differentiate them from one another. This adds an element of strategy and competition to the game, as players can keep track of their progress based on the specific balls they use.

These carpet balls exhibit wear that is consistent with age and use, which adds to their character and charm. The signs of wear tell a story of their previous games and of players who enjoyed using them. Despite this wear, the carpet balls remain in good condition and are ready to be used and enjoyed by new players.


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